Nikon or Canon?

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    Hi Folks!
    January is coming up and my trip to Canada is already scheduled... I've been doing many tests with my Nikon D80, in certain situations it works, but in others, it does not, such as taking good pictures of myself with the landscape in the bg! I've been looking for camera prices and gee... they've been raised...
    Well, I'll let you all know whether I bought or not a new camera and if positive the brand of it!
    More information about the two brands will be more than welcome!
    My warmest regards,
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    You'll never get an objective reply, as Canon people wouldn't have a Nikon and Nikon people wouldn't have a Canon.
    Just out of interest, my husband's tripod, fully extended fell over with his Nikon D700 attached. It just bounced and is not harmed in any way. His second comment (after the swearing) was... 'It's a good job it wasn't a Canon!'
    I suspect the truth of the matter is they are both equally good brands, so if you already have Nikon lenses why change brands??!
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    Bonsoir à tous,
    J'ai lu les commentaires à peu près en entier et je suis assez amusé !
    C'est vrai que le débat Canon / Nikon soulève les passions les plus vives.
    A mon sens, les deux marquent se valent largement, en tous points, mais quand on a commencé à investir chez un fabricant, on s'équipe petit à petit et le retour en arrière est difficile, sauf budget illimité !
    Je ne vais pas créer une nouvelle discussion, mais au dela de la bagarre entre les fabricants, au dela des arguments des utilisateurs, au dela des fausses idées, je pose une question simple : pensez-vous qu'une marque de fabricant, qu'un modèle d'appareil photo soit uniquement les seuls critères pour faire de belles photos ?
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    Hi Neyvan

    Irrespective of whatever equipment you use, please do remember that photography is all about your Eyes & Situation.
    Nikon & Canon is the two leading brand and most widely used in the world. If your genre is nature - then go for Canon but if it Studio or Experimental then go for Nikon
    I personally have Nikon but would soon be gradute to a Canon

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    Have you bought one yet?

    It really depends on which level of camera you are going for. I shoot Nikon for two reasons, 1: it feels better in the hand. 2: Its lenses fit any Nikon Camera. So if you start with an entry level Nikon, your lenses will still fit the top of the range. (although be suited to smaller sensor size)

  • Nikon & Canon
    Both are great. Just go to a camera shop & handle both the brands & decide for yourself.
  • Very good idea.. after all you will be the one using it ;-)
    What I usually do as well is check comparison sites (independent ones.....)
    For example on this digital cameras reviews you will see that the vast majority of them are Canons.
  • Re: Nikon or Canon?
    Both systems are very good. My 2 cents in this discussion are, go with whatever system all your friends all have. That way you are able to trade notes and more importantly, lenses. Since the real cost is in the glass, if you are able to use each others glass, you will gain so much more experience while at the same time, saving yourself a fortune.

    You won't be sad with either pick...can't go wrong with Canon or Nikon.

    I am a Nikon (D700) guy.
  • Hi Nay,
    Are you still shopping around?

    I was using Canon from 2004 and last month I brought new Nikkon D300s. In my openion both cameras are very good. My suggesion to go with Canon to experiance it

  • Go fr a canon it's good