The Ideal Travel Kit

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    Thanks everyone for these replies - much appreciated :).
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    Hi Phil et al,

    Just saw that Apple will launch a $30 gadget which allows one to send the files directly from the cam to their IPod Photo. This should eliminate the need for bringing a laptop on the road as the IPod Photo has 30 gigs of stoarage (minus, of course, the music).

    I think the Music & Storage deal sounds pretty sweet for travelling purposes.

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    I travel backpack style so I don't have the luxury of a camera bag and so forth.

    Canon 300D
    batteries x 3
    full cleaning kit
    Hard CD wallet

    I pretty much pack everything I have when I travel and stick it in my daypack. Walking around with a L lens in some of the places I go is just asking for I leave it in the bag and if I so desire, I just reach behind me, pull the bag and camera fowawrd and out in one motion. I dont carry a portable drive for two reason. One, they can break and two they cost too much. I find that just about anywhere has a kodak store for me to burn CDs on. One golden rule, burn when you can, not when you have to.
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    I believe I have found a major cause of my battery use - it is the writing data to the card. When shooting in JPEG, my batteries last twice as long than when shooting in RAW.

    Has anyone else found this to be true?
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    Dan, I haven't noticed it happening with my 10D - so it's possible that it's something that it's specific to your Pentax + card.

    What card are you shooting with? Microdrives are notorious for having higher drain than standard cards... Have you tried a faster card assuming you're not using one already?

    Also consider posting the question (or search) on the Pentax SLR DPReview forum :)
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    Hi Adrian,

    That's interesting to hear that you are not having this issue with your camera. My memory cards are 1GB San Disk Ultra II and 1GB Viking.

    I plan on upgrading my rechargable batteries next month. Currently I use 1300-1600mAh, but going with 2500mAh will give me more than 1/3 more time.
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    Well I know the Ultra II should be fast enough, so it doesn't sound like a card issue - or if it is, it's a very strange one...

    Have you ever updated the firmware on your ist*D? A number of my digital cameras have benefitted greatly from updating - my EOS 10D improved by going from 1.0.1 to 2.0.1, and my old Kodak DC210 felt like a completely different camera after I upgraded it - most of it's operations halved in time!

    I'd definitely go with the higher capacity NiMH, if you have time is one of the cheapest places in the UK to buy them... The only problem is that they can take several weeks to deliver stock items.
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    -Nikon FM2 (would like to get a second one)
    -20-35mm wide angle
    -50mm prime
    -105mm prime
    -A close-up filter for tight headshots with the 105mm (saves me buying a 180mm)
    -Lots of Ilford XP2 400 or Delta 100/400
    -A table top tripod
    -UV filters for each lens if working in salty/wet environments
    -Cleaning kit for getting salt/sand/dog snot off UV filters
    -Lens hoods for as many lenses as you can get.
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    my list is short and simple:
    1- camera canon G3
    2- 3 or 4 Compact Flash Cards,
    3- charger - canon G3 battery lasts a LOOOONG time, many times i don't need to use it at all. It stays at hotel, i don't carry it during the day with me.
    4- canon leather protection that fits the camera

    after reading the replies you got i will add a cleaning kit.
    i generally carry the camera in a small backpack or handbag, and get pretty close to people, I take many people-photos at hip level thanks to the swiveling LCD screen, and i don't use flash, so people don't feel they are being photographed.

    i have a telephoto lens that used only a few times, it does not travel with me any more, stays home. I have the wide angle that stays as well, i hardly use flash at all, so if i had an external flash it would stay as well...
    i take the remote because it's tiny, but never use it.

    december 2004-january 2005 went for a trip around the world, i took a small 12" laptop and stored photos in the laptop on the go, but for most holiday trips i just carry Compact Flash cards, no need for extra storage.

    i liked darren's idea of candy and flags, will start implementing it.
  • First and foremost is the bag. I use crumpler as they look just like an ordinary backpack when walking around.
    Nikon D700
    50mm f1.4
    60mm macro
    24-70 f2.8 G series
    70-200mm f2.8 G series
    SB800 flash
    Carbon fibre tripod, manfrotto
    micro fibre cloth
    arctic butterfly cleaning kit
    3 batteries
    3 high speed CF cards
    on camera spirit level
    pad and pen to note locations

    Probably seems a bit much, but don't take everything every day, although more often than not. But since I shoot a bit of everything I prefer to be prepared.
    I use the 50mm mostly to do test shots on the first day as I walk round.
    And then use the appropriate lens for the shot I want.