About recent tech issues

  • Because there are many threads about the still remaining bug reported as vanishing pages, and we have no answers about it, I decided to take a look in the message posted by the Administrator Dick Bradley, in November-02-2010, 09:50 PM, and I quoted part of his message:

    Quote: ...
    Over the next week, we will be making a number of changes to the application servers to the site. We will be adding more power and redundancy to the system. During this period, we might have some outages. I intend to give fair warning here on the forums when we expect these outages, and we will do our best to minimize them. We understand that it's been a rough ride lately, and we don't want to make it any worse. We are working to make things better.

    I would like to apologize for the inconveniences that the recent tech issues have caused, and we appreciate your patience while we continue to work through them.


    Dick Bradley
    Project Manager -- Internet Brands
    I'm asking if it is because of these changes that sometimes the problem of the vanishing pages returns - a kind of erratic behaviour - maybe when the changes are being implanted?
    Also, it is probably because of this, yesterday we had an outage?

    I’m trying to reassure myself and other members, until now without an answer...
    Please, if it can be confirmed, it will be of great help.