Vaemali Health Clinic

  • Hi Jim,

    This photo stirred a few memory cells. In early 1977 a tropical cyclone damaged the airstrip at Lamen Bay and I was sent to Epi from Vila by landing barge together with a work crew and heavy plant to carry out repairs. There were no mobile phones in those days and we didn't have any two-way radios. Our only contact with the outside world was via the radio-telephone at the clinic so I had to visit there a couple of times.The clinic was run by a New Zealand nurse, Sister Patricia Hewitt, who I believe sometimes carried out operations by following instructions passed to her over the radio-telephone by a surgeon in Vila.
    The road up to the Clinic was very rough but after the airstrip was repaired the work crew did extensive repairs. As I remember, it was just an earth road. Thanks for the reminder.