To Dyerco: Lucky Bast*$#

  • Thanks Phil, This is not the same Church as the one in the post right before it. It's the 'other church', namely "All Saints". As for the lens, I'll have to make do with my new found talent for stitching shots together by hand. My daughters cleaned me out with their new dolls that pee all over the carpet!
    Many happy returns,
  • Re: To Dyerco: Lucky Bast*$#
    ahahaha! My daughter received one of those beauties. Luckily it doesn't pee on the carpet - but it's just as freaky with it's lifelike facial sucking movements, realistic crying, cooing, sleeping and burping. Even decides when to drop off to sleep and wake up. Damn freaky things aren't they? Don't feel bad - Santa ignored my requests for a lens too then disappeared up the chimney, but not before he mumbled something about financial this and that... mortgage rate increases...etc. phhbbt. ;-)

    Happy Hols Tim!