To holmertz: 'people' fanatic

  • Hi Gert,

    You’re right. Streets, squares, temples and so on are made for people. So why trying to avoid them on pictures? I tried to remember why I thought so before I knew TE.

    I think it started with my first trips. I wanted to see beautiful places and to shoot pictures of beautiful monuments but I didn’t want to show other tourists on my pictures.
    Did I want to have the place only to myself? I don’t remember. But I do remember that other travelers at the time thought the same.
    Perhaps the trips looked more authentic or adventurous without other tourists …
    In that way local population was not so bad. Certainly not on pictures of distant lands.

    I also remember that when I showed a picture of a street view for instance with other people on, the person who saw that photo later on wanted to know if I knew these people.
    Perhaps you as journalist have always considered this differently.

    And I also remember that I just started thinking differently since I know TE.

    You’re not a ‘people’ fanatic but a bit more than others you have put the accent on this.

    Best regards from Belgium,