To Saule: hi

  • well i think you should have asked me to clarify what i wrote before you went on a feminist rampage! im a christian and we do not force our woman to cover the note was more on a humerous note not on real facts. from what i know muslim woman do cover up because they want to and becuase its part of there tradition, and even with that not all of them do its only 20%!!! i totally did not appreciate your silly comment and ubnoxoius behaviour and will tell Borat about you!~
  • Re: To Saule: hi
    wowwowowow... so much respect for a woman from you! You know what i am happy i don't live in a country where i'd have to cover myself up from head to toe, just coz some stupid man like you would get all horny and rape me otherwise!
    If you don't behave yourself I'll call more americans over your country, LOL
  • I LIKE!
    YOUR MY TYPE OF GIRL! I like :)