tele lense

  • Hi,

    I want to buy zoom lense for nikon d3100 and my budget is $400 plese sujjest
  • hi Satish
    I have a Nikon VR 16-85mm, F3.5-5.6 G ED on a Nikon D90 that I think does a great job. It is a bit heavy though. I like the wide end going the extra bit to 16mm (24mm at 35mm equivalent) and I find I don't use telephoto that much. This is a very high quality lens with metal mount, etc. I am guessing you could get one for around $400 used.
    Here is an interesting review on it (he thinks it is overpriced) that also may give you some other ideas.

    I think another one to look at is the Tamaron 18-270mm if you want super-zoom.

    I can post some photos if you wish.

    good luck --- Dave

  • Sigma
    Hi Satish. 400 it's the price for the Sigma 18-200 in Portugal.
    I am quite happy with mine. Yoou can check it here.

    Hope this was useful.
  • Thank you P. Juntas for your valuable suggestion
  • Thank you DaveRen for your valuable suggestion