Romania 10-11 october

  • hi folks,
    I intend to spend a week end with my local friends in Romania 10-11 october.
    Bertrand Devimeux will also join.
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    Waiting you here :)
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    Je dois avouer que je suis tenté.
    Je te tiens au courant Didier.
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    Shall we wait you here,dear Daniel?
    This will be a great surprise
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    Hi Isabela,
    a great pleasure for me to meet you in your country.
    I already know Didier and Bertrand.

    So what's the programm there ?

    I hope I will make the trip with Didier if it works well, travel alone is not funny.

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    It's a nice idea if Daniel can join.
    I confirm i will be there to meet our friend from Romania and visit Bucarest
    I will be quiet just before because i will be in Armenia and come back in France just 5 october.
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    So, we are ready for a new TE meeting :)
    We,the romanian members have decided to show you one of the most beautiful part of the country , near Sighisoara and some of the fortified churches, really beautiful monuments
    Still working with Johannes to organize the route :)
    We are waiting you here

    And,Daniel, I will send you more details by email ,since we can speak every day with Didier on YM and he will get the information when we will "meet" online.
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    I am looking forward to going there. I have always wanted to see that part of the country.