The Ideal Travel Kit

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  • ideal photography gear for travel
    1) A reflex camera (type depending of your account for the credit card) having a flash
    2) a zoom 28-200 (so you don't have to change your lens, you're ready every time to trigger
    3) additive cell(s) and card(s)
    4) charger for the cell (evident my dear Watson!)
    5) computer to store every night the hots of the day
    6) a good pair of shoes..............

    7) depending of the type of pictures you want to have: extra wide angle 10-28 or super telephoto 400mm (animals and particulary birds). But in this case, you need a bag to carry the gear
  • It very much depends on where you are travelling, for how long and by what means.

    If Flying

    A basic kit would be 2 SLR bodies (I use the Canon 1Ds and ID Mk2)
    2 lenses (Canon 24-105 IS f4 & a moderate zoom such as 70-200 f2.8L)
    4 Batteries + Charger
    Plenty of cards.

    Travelling by car

    I take it all packed in Peli cases
  • Last time I travelled, it was a three-day trip to Venice, Italy. Gear was such:

    Nikon D300 with 18-200 and Sigma 12-24 in small bag, along with SB-800 flash, two spare batteries and a bunch of CF cards. The camera has a L-Bracket on at all times. There was also a remote control cord in there.

    Backpack (usual daypack) countained my small Gitzo Tripod (GT1540T and Markins Q3T ballhead).

    For when I didn't want to carry the whole lot, I had a Panasonic LX3 and a table-top tripod.

    I used the whole stuff intensively.

    LX3 and tripod:

    D300 hand-held: