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  • I'm seeing so many great photos on this site and most are captured on a Nikon D300. I'm also seeing other D models. I'm looking to take landscapes that are crystal sharp for reproducing onto large prints. What would be the camera of choice? I'm not a professional, but am looking for professional results.

    Thank you for your help...
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    " I'm not a professional, but am looking for professional results. ""


    Would you know the ones when you finally got 'em ?

    I'm not a driver and all I want is to drive the Formula One in the Ford Lotus !

    Good luck, buddy boy...

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    I would think that only a tiny percentage of the total photos on this site are taken with the Nikon D300, certainly not 'most'. The D prefix on Nikon and D suffix on others simply indicates a digital camera.
    There is certainly no simple answer to your question as the attached lens is at least as important as the camera body and sensor. I don't think many digital cameras will produce crystal sharp images 'out of the box'. Most images will require some work after the event.
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    if you are sticking with Nikon then D3 is their top of the line, once you get that you should also get top of the line lenses, once you have that to produce top of the line images you will need top of the line skills which can be acquired, you will also need top of the line talent (that you either have or you don't), also lots of time and money to travel to interesting landscape locations and be there at the right time.

    George, George, George my buddy my pal, why can't you answer the questions as they are asked without your heart rate jumping through the roof.
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    Because it's fun...
    And your answer is boring and it doesn't have a kick...

    Simple... :-)))))



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    Have a kick??? George, this is a know, a place for answers...not childish replies KIA's (know it all punks) By sheer definition, Professional means "get paid"...I'm not looking to get paid buddy boy. I've been shooting film for years, dunno much about digital cameras, quality, blacks, etc. they are capable of producing.

    Thank you everyone, (else) for the input. Much appreciated. I've see that Nikon D60, D80 have the same pixel count, are they basically the same in quality???
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    good point George, I will stand by now and watch the train of a thread come to a halting crash ;-)

    Skubeedoo, if you knew George a bit better you wouldn't be taking it so seriously, after all he is a good guy, just not boring ;-)

    and for camera equipment reviews I would definetely suggest and fredmiranda, lots of pixel peepers over there ;-), here as you may have noticed it's more of a travel site than photography, and definetely not photography equipment site.
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    Sue me...

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    George, you're SUCH a scamp.

    You just loooove stirring trouble, don't you??? :)))) What a rascal.

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    You love it - do ya' Shelly...

    All the best, honey...