CANON G7 Hands-On report from Tokyo

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  • Re: CANON G7 Hands-On report from Tokyo
    <i>plus a decent underwater housing for iving down to 40 meters...</i>

    Canon second major goof.. the housing they designed is not compatible with the add on lenses (wide angle and macro) that UW photographers use with their rig. If you look at the housing the lens port doesn't have a round M67 screw that would gently allow add on lenses, but instead a sort of ugly squarish port which doesn't help anything...

    I say THAT camera is definitely not for me!
  • Re: CANON G7 Hands-On report from Tokyo
    I was afraid of that and asked myself the same question because I know you need to go wider below the water, right?
    Stupid really...
  • Re: Underwater housing - GOOD NEWS!
    Luko, a company called IKELITE ( makes a larger housing for the G7, as it already has for the other G-series models, and it DOES allow for add-on lenses.
    Hope this makes a difference.
  • RAW issues
    I'm itching to get my hands on the G7 so that i can have a camera on me at all times. I have a small Sony T3 that has pratically fallen apart and has some severe limitations on shooting styles so the G7 will be grand for me. I had a G5, and used it till the day it died and ok i'll miss the flip out screen, and the faster lens but will no doubt love the IS. It's perfect for me. Of course, i'll still be using the D200, but i think that the G7 will be good as a fill in. As for RAW...I ain't gonna miss it, hell I don't use it with the D200 because I can't see much of a difference between a JPEG and a RAW file (at least in my prints)!

    Keep giving us the 'tests' Francis. I'm gonna have a play around with one on the weekend and might actually have one come Monday!
  • Re: RAW issues
    Let us know what you think - it's an awesome street machine, quite responsive and absolutely silent...
  • Re: CANON G7 Hands-On report from Tokyo
    Hi Francis,
    I just bought one for my mountains walk as my sweetheart Nikon D70 or D200 are too heavy and big to carry always.
    I hope to post decent image with this camera soon!
    A smile
    (and thanks for your report).