Again: The dilema Canon 30D vs 400D

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  • Re: Again: The dilema Canon 30D vs 400D
    crois-moi sur parole, le 8mp du 30d sont largement suffisants!!!
    qd au système de nettoyage du capteur, il est, semble t il, perfectible...
    Concernant ton budget..le 30d est tj superieur au 400d, c normal, les finitions sont différentes, le 30d est identique au 5d (du moins par l'aspect exterieur)..
    le "40d" sortira forcément assez cher..

    a toi de voir, pour la prise en main je te recommande le 30d, plus gros que le 400d, qui lui est quasiment identique au 350d que tu avais, d'un aspect plutot plastoque, et plutot trop petit...

    voili voilou mon avis a deux balles!
  • Re: Again: The dilema Canon 30D vs 400D
    Au sujet du poids
    Mon sac photo + le 30D avec les zooms 17-40 et 75-300 ça pèse 5 kg pouf pouf c'est lourd !
    Cependant je suis très satisfait de mon appareil.
    J'ai acheté un kit pour nettoyer qui est très efficace :

    Bonne journée.
  • 400d update, based on a week with the 400d
    The viewfinder of the 400d is arguably better than the 10d - it seems sharper at least, but otherwise seems similar in size/brightness. Not sure how it compares to the 30d though, as I haven't used one of those for more than ten seconds.

    The 400d is a better camera than the 350d - it feels better built, it buffers quicker/deeper, and the screen's much better, the grip is also improved IMO.

    I wouldn't say the anti-dust feature is a knockout though - my 400d is already showing more dust than my 10d did in the first six months, and I've only had the 400d a week... This is in mostly dry UK weather, with unusually heavy use - I'm trying to make sure I'm off the bell curve before I head overseas with it. Unfortunately I didn't shoot f22 until yesterday.

    IQ wise, the 400d clearly resolves much more detail than the 10d did with the same lenses - although there's more noise in 100iso shots, conversely there's less noise in long exposures, so... Highlights seem to stay for longer too, it seems to have more dynamic range than the 10d, and rolls off more gradually. Check out the noise levels at 100iso though, they're higher than I anticipated, still not bad, but I'm slightly disappointed there.

    Buffering on the 400d is orders of magnitude better than the 10d though:
    3 shot bracket, to buffer empty: 2s (400d), 20s (10d)
    Time to empty buffer, after filling it: 10RAW/17s (400d), 9RAW/70s (10d)
    JPEG to buffer full: 25 (400d), 9 (10d)
    Timings for 1600ISO, Ultra II, continuous, based on the last shutter snap.

    The only odd thing is that the 10d is ready to take the next shot sooner if you fill the buffer - 400d will take more shots when it comes back though.

    Shooting in Continuous, the 400d seems to shoot faster.

    Obviously the power on times and general shooting speed are much better on the 400d.
  • Re: Again: The dilema Canon 30D vs 400D
    Efficace alors le pinceau ? :) Le mien me rend de fiers services ici car la poussière est terrible au Cameroun; notamment dans le nord où j'ai fait un petit périple il y a quelques semaines.

    Un autre sujet commence à m'inquiéter : les champignons. Dès que je sors dans salles sous clims, j'ai droit à 10 minutes de buée. Savez-vous si c'est dangereux ces allers-retours froids/chaud humide à long terme pour les optiques ?

    Bonne soirée Didi !

  • 400d: Update 2
    Well, it's dead. About three days into the trip, the first Err 99 appeared. By day five that was all I could get out of it. Then on day six, some kind soul stole my backup camera...

    Curiously, having noticed the dirt on the sensor, I cleaned it before I left - and it was still clean up to the time of failure, so maybe I was too harsh on the dust reduction. If it can withstand the Moroccan desert, then maybe it's not so bad afterall!

    Overall though, let's just say I found Morocco frustrating, and leave it at that ;)
  • Re: 400d: Update 2
    Hi Adrian,

    Sorry to hear about that - that sucks. Just about on par with the time I returned from my trip to the Southwest US and discovered that my CF card was full of garbage. After seven years I'm finally going to get back to that area - and you can be sure this time that I'll have at least one backup plan in place...

  • Re: 400d: Update 2
    Yup, backup plans are a good thing - although they can get heavy after a while ;)

    Hope you have a successful trip this time!
  • Re: Again: The dilema Canon 30D vs 400D
    Salut Steven
    Très efficace le pinceau je te remercie.
    Pour l'humidité il existe des sachets protecteurs, je crois que c'est à base de carbonate.
    On en trouve dans tous les magasins photos; il faut en mettre quelques uns dans la sacoche et dans les boîtes où tu ranges les objectifs.
    Il me semble que Chasseur d'Images vend une sacoche protectrice.