Portable storage on high altitude

  • Hey guys
    I will be going to Nepal in two months, going to take a portable storage device
    (hard drive based) to backup photos.
    I will be doing treks on the Annapurna, I know hard drive have limitations
    regarding to high altitude, I was wondering if anyone has any experince with this
    issue (first hand prefered).
    also if anyone has done the Annapurna circuit trek lately and knows if there
    are any computers on the route for backup photos?
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    I don't have such experience but first idea that comes to my mind is that the battery of your device (actually the battery of ANY device) is going to suffer if exposed to very cold temperatures, keep batteries close to the warmth of your body. There are portables HDDs that can read and transfer cards data without being attached to a computer, for example hyperdrive.
    Good luck...
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    yeah I was referring to a stand alone device (probably gonna go for the Nexto M1 brand)

    and batteries I know about this issue, going with 3 batteries for my 30D so I am guessing
    to a 20 days that should be enough.
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    i have done tour of anapurna 4 years ago , if i remember well you can reload your batteries in some places, where there is power from time to time. with 3 batteries it will be enough to 20 days..

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    I did the tour in June, I had 2 batteries for my camera and could reload in most places.

    I've used a CompactDrive to unload my memory cards, a simple tool but you can use standard batteries for it, the ones that you find everywhere...
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    by the way only 2 computers in Kagbeni at Yak Donald's :), 5$ per minute or something... you reach the place after 10-12 days. I would not rely on this...