About the "Swedish Snowball"

  • Hi Maria!

    Your friend was right about its name, the snowball. I myself have bought several of these to give away as presents for family and friends, because of its "typical swedish" nature (-:

    These snowballs are a productline of Kosta Boda, a company name that contains 2 out of 3 villages from where the glassworks originates, namely Kosta and Boda.

    I have two of these snowballs at home and I must admit that I love the way how the candle light falls through the glass at the ball's environment. A nice idea to experiment capturing these swedish snowballs Maria! :-)

    Med vänliga hälsnigar /Edwin
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    Tack so mycket Edwin! :-) Det var mycket snell! /sorry - no swedish letters on my keybord..;-P/
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    Ingen fara på taket Maria :-)
    Har du bott i Sverige kanske?

    Kram /Edwin
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    Nej Edwin, jag har aldrig bott i Swerige, men jag studerade liten svenska..men det var for lange sedan. /if there are mistakes, it means it has been veeery long ago - actually in 1988/ :-)
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    ps: thank you for the links - they are very nice!