how many dead rabbits???

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    hahhahahaha I understood what you meant just by reading the titlem which made me laugh by the way :)
    Well I also admit I am sick & tired of seeing it as there are so many pics in TE...I don't understand why we see this one so many times...
    By the waym I did not see response for that in the thread...

    All the best!
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    Viviane, I just do not see a relation between those both, sorry. The thing that the rabbit got attention and the genocide needs attention (like a lot other things) is just something else which happens each day, even I do not appreciate this. Therefore, sorry again, your request was not my reason to critique that capture. It was the capture itself. And thanks for putting it into my attention. With all respect, Ulf
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    Bonjour Ulf,
    Yes, you may be right. There is no direct relation between the two pictures but it is because I don't understand that so many people were up set by the Rabbit picture and now letting pictures as Jose's ones with so few comments.
    It's tough to understand.

    Amicalement - Viviane
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    I agree with you Robert !!