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Default To Yitzhak: postprocessing work and exposuring of neg. film

Hi Yitzhak,

Thanks for your comment! Let me "clarify" that I didn't use Paintshop's Clarify Tool here, but instead experimented with the PS Unsharp Mask settings... I usually sharpen a picture after downsizing by using the following settings:
Amount 50-70%
Radius 0,7-0,9pixels

Increasing both these parameters often leads to an oversharpened picture with too obvious traces of sharpening.
This picture I sharpened using a settings somewhere in the following range:
Amount 100-150%
Radious 0,1-0,3pixels

The result is a much more fine dotted kind of sharpening and also increased the effect of having used a faster - more grainy - negative film.

And since I am still using negative film I also experimented with exposuring and what kind of effect it has on an image when increasing the shutter time (and ofcourse at the same time adjusting the f/stop to get the right exposure)...

For instance, if DOF doesn't play an important role it is actually rather interesting to try the following:
-a subject needs the following exposuring: 1/180s and f/5.6
-count the stops down to hand-held exposuring and add them to the aperture

For instance:
1/180s and f/5.6 (1)
1/125s and f/6.7
1/100s and f/8.0
1/60 and f/11.0 (2)

In this example the same subject can be shot with 1/180s and f/5.6 (1), and with 1/60 and f/11.0 (2).
With (2) the negative film is exposed 3 times longer than with (1) and due to the smaller lens opening (meaning higher f/stop value) the exposuring will still be correct.

The result is often stunning, a more contrast rich picture.
You should even try it with a tripod, this is how for instance one can get a really beautiful blue sky in nightshots.

Two examples are:
Cathedral Santa Creu
Fontana di Nettuno

Both sky parts were absolutely black for the eye, but just that extra long exposuring makes the difference ;-)

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