To ninadev: About The "NO"

  • Dear Nina,

    Your point is well-taken.

    Maybe I should have been given up. But it is also the nature of men to pursue. And in this case, I succeeded. Maybe I acted very Asian. Growing up in the Philippines where everything has to be pursued relentlessly to achieve what you want ot achieve, or to get what you want to get, I guess it has a carried over to my shooting behavior. I do not only get this kind of response from women but also men, even children. If I get a verbal "no", then I do stop. If I get mixed messages, I press on. Kinda stubborn.

    Anyway, thanks for reminding me, Nina. My boldness probably has worked in my favor so far. I certainly know when to stop.:)

    Happy Easter.
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    Thanks for acknowledging my concern. I don't know if it's Asian or not to act like this, I never went to Asia, and the only thing I know about Asian people I've met is that they are usually very polite and courteous. You say that in this case "you succeeded" and and "my boldness probably has worked in my favor so far". All depends if succeeding in life means always having what you want. But no preaching here... I am just very sensative to such situations for having worked in the past with women who's "no" weren't said outloud or listened to and had their lifes ruined.
    I'm happy to hear however that you know when to stop.
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    Some Muslims (like the Amish) do not want their picture taken. Thus her continually turning her back toward you. She was polite enough to smile at you (Asian custom) even though you weren't paying attention to what she wanted. I disagree with the "mixed message" thing. You have to understand the culture. She wasn't sending you a mixed message - by her continually turning away, she was saying she did not want you to take her picture, and here it's due to her religious beliefs.

    I love the color of the spices...I'll take a look at your other work.

  • Re: To Lisa (Gankaku)
    Please accept my apologies for bursting in this discussion, but I think it would be useful to precise that the Amish are NOT Muslims...