To jorgi: hi Jeri

  • I should have read this before I decided to skip 7 images in my series ;) I've become completely apathetic to my project, I think partially due to the stagnant feel of it. I also had my feedback from uni, which didn't help. You make an interesting point about being able to get closer to someone having sex than praying. I think in both instances I would feel uncomfortable ;) lol. But yes, there seems to be something MORE intimate about a person praying than doing something sexual. This is perhaps because we've all been exposed to a society and generation rapt with sexuality and rather less so with religion.

    One of the hardest thing I find besides taking an images is the image edit. I find it very difficult which pictures I should use/choose. I did have an image with his face showing, but in the end I though the movement and lack of face was more powerful to the viewer. Having had quite a lot of feedback on this, it seems the general consensus believes the opposite :)

    I really appreciate all your feedback, I know the series is not an easy on for people to critique.

    Kind Rgds, Leilani