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Great steliosk 2008-11-28 5:13

Xrhstara, geia sou, xa8hkame ligo file mou, elpizw na eisai kala.
perase o 1os xronos sto trek? H poly kalh douleia sou fanhke nomizw sto perasma tou xronou, oi fysiolatrikes kai touristikes perigrafes sou einai aristes kai elkystikes, (na htan etsi oloi oi fwtografoi se gnwseis kai ais8htikh kai na ebgazan me thn idia logikh ta merh tous, poios blasthmage) alla opws mporei o ka8enas prattei!

Oso afora th fwtografia sou, de kserw giati dialekses mia tetoia perigrafh na to giortaseis, isws einai symbolikh gia esena, oxi oti einai kakh, grammes, kadro, apla se tetoies periptwseis proswpika tautizw fwtografies kleidia gia na parousiasw, px 50th post, 1 year, 100th post (an 8a to balw pote)xaxa.

Texnika twra, epeidh kserw oti sou aresei na anaferomaste leptomerws se ka8e ergo, 8a thn h8ela pio entonh. Pio saturated ta fylla wste na kokkinisoun, kai pio issorophmeno orizonta. 8a mou peis, pws na ton zygisw?
To ekklhsaki pou einai kai to pio dynato stoixeio edw exei mia klish pros ta pisw, oi ka8etes grammes boh8oun perissotero apo tis orizonties kapoies fores, edw oi ka8etes einai monodromos gia thn issoropia ths eikonas sou. An 8es to syzhtame.

Xairetw pros to paron, paw gia thn epomenh!

Old 11-30-2008, 05:16 PM
jorgi jorgi is offline
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Default To fkostas: light

...i was starting to asking myself the same's like a bad karma...can't shake it.
I must try sth different soon

You play Piano Accordian? Really? I this an instrument usual to be seen in Florida? Sorry for probably most stupid question but since this is like our national instrument I'm curious how expanded it is over the ocean. And yes...quite hard to play it. That i know! :)

Thanks Farah,
as always.

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Old 11-30-2008, 05:50 PM
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Default Accordian


I don't play, but would like to. If I do, I will probably end up with the smaller Diatonic accordian.

I seem to remember several Zydeco artists using the Piano Accordian, but could only come up with a video of Stanley Dural playing. No matter, he's one of my favourites, if not traditionally Zydeco. As a bonus, he duets with Dwight Yoakam:

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Old 11-30-2008, 06:10 PM
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Default Re: Accordian

sometimes I really hate the smallnest of my country... A nice message from youtube:
"This video is not available in your country"....f...

But I've heard of Zydeco before... I was "introduced" to it by the movie called Big Easy... I liked it so much that I actually bought a soundtrack... But isn't that like more from New Orleans? Or they had me completely fooled by the movie...(chances for that are very slim since movies always tell the thruth and nothing but the truth so help me god)

I like this type of playing accordian. The second is how french are doing it. not like it that much.
most typical slovenian national folklore music and "partying". I never managed to like it...
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Old 11-30-2008, 10:38 PM
fkostas fkostas is offline
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Default Zydeco

Hi Jeri,

the music from NOLA tends to be Jazz, blues type. Zydeco is more a country style, though many bands like Buckwheat Zydeco are a fusion. Zydeco in the more old, traditional fashion has Cajun influence: See Geno DelaFosse or Beausoleil (Beausoleil is Cajun, Zydeco influence.) Clifton Chenier and Boozoo Chavis are good examples of crossover Zydeco, if you want to look them up. Steve Riley is a master of the Cajun style Diatonic accordian.
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