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Good avene 2008-07-22 9:52

well, Rabih, I fully agree that the lens is lovely, but I'm yet to be convinced that this is the best use of it - such a fast lens is best for action shots, and creative use of selective focus, and neither of those elements are strong in this photo.

the light here is beautiful, no question about that, but there are several things that I'm not particularly happy with:
1. dust on the sensor. that's a huge NO-NO for me;
2. composition - why did you put the lighthouse so far on the right? it is falling out of the frame right now. I realise you might have wanted to have both the lighthouse and the boat in the frame, but a slightly wider angle would do the trick and still retain a balanced composition;
3. also, on composition - I don't like the boulder in the foreground, it's too centered and distractive. I don't know what the location offered, but I'd try and have either the shoreline in the foreground as a natural frame, or nothing, going for a minimalistic composition with just the water and the lighthouse.
4. sharpness - where is that maximum sharpness you mention in you note? if you had it in the original file, it's lost in the uploaded version, since it's barely 89Kb instead of 200Kb that this site allows, and such a heavy compression always ruins the quality.

you have superb equipment, so I'm looking forward to your next posts :)


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Default To avene: reply

Hi Kristine!
Thanks first for taking time to look precisely and closely to the picture.
I agree with you that i didn't use my lens at it best ;) it's surely not wide at all, and even though it can do this job, it's sure made to do much more (theatre, sports). One other point i agree is the lost of quality and details due to the compression, this is actually very sad. Because the picture i have gotten out of my equipment is much sharper and saturated in colors.
For the dust, i don't know how you noticed that, but actually i realised it when i came home, speacially a round mark on the top-right! You really have the eye for it;)
I had taken in the past a picture focused on the lighthouse, and i thought i could this time make a different composition, by putting more attention on the lighthouse, but again the lens is not wide at all, and i had the choice between either only the lighthouse or the whole scenery.
I'll be taking soon more pictures as i'm somewhat bored these days so i have more time to hang around and wait for the perfect light and timing.
Just one question, how did you notice dust on the sensor ?! ;)
Thanks again for taking time to write a very nice critique.
I'll be looking forward to your photos, i'm sure i have a lot to learn and appreciate.
Best regards,
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