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    if your aim was to make me laugh you trully made it!:)the frame is... it simply doesn't fit in this color, at all! photo is also of very poor quality and pixels are so much visible. yet, the dolphin is nice:)

    You forgot to say ""you think"" all that you have said are opinions and are subjective, yes the foto is a bit blurred but thats not the most important thing, the thing is that there is life in this photo and it can be seen by even a blind man. As for the frame I think jade goes perfectly with blue sea water.
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    sorry for being too honest. this is, of course, only my opinion, so please do not bear grudge to me. have a nice day.
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    I dont bear grudges, I dont mind critisism either but I do speak my mind.
    Anyhow most of the photos I tale is with 60 euro digicam, unlike most people here with their Canons and Nikons. The shots I take would look hugely different with an EOS1.
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    true... didn't think about it.