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Great Mondaychild 2007-06-20 4:52

Hi Marjolein,

well, Iīm - like Jack - not quite sure about the ethical side of this photo ... Iīm also not quite sure whether I would have taken a photo of a dead cat ... BUT:

No one on this site could/would say thatīs a pet photo. The cat is already death, and this - no doubt - shocking fact makes this photo even more touching, for perhaps even more people. My cat was of almost the same size when I got it.

The most remarkable sentence in your note is the last one: "... soon this kitten will become food itself". The reality IS that sad.

What do you want, Mr. Johanson, Ms. Cordts? Only nice photos of green hills, of well-fed puppies, of little kiddies with "innocence in their eyes". How sweet! But thatīs not the full story about the world. And the intention of this site IS to LEARN ABOUT THE WORLD. About the nice places, but also about the not so nice places!

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Default To Mondaychild: Nature

Hi Gisi,

I agree with Jack that the photo is not esthetic - but deliberately so! I did my best here to just record, as neutrally as possible, to not prettify what isn't pretty - but not ethical? That I don't understand.

Interesting that you find the "... soon this kitten will become food itself" sad - that's simply a natural process; nature cleans up after itself. If every kitten born would grow up to be a big cat, it would be a lot sadder, I think. Which is sadder: killing all or most kittens in a litter (as we in the rich west do), or nature taking its course and allowing the fittest and smartest to survive, recycling the rest? Plastic bags floating around nearly everywhere are a lot sadder to me than a little dead kitten that will just quietly disappear even if it isn't swept up.

But everyone looks at the world through their own eyes - with their own brains.

When I travel, I certainly don't just look for the pretty or beautiful things. Every country, every culture, has its beauty, its ordinariness and its ugliness. I try to see it all; I don't just walk in the just-renovated and swept streets with freshly-plastered and painted buildings renovated with lots of money from UNESCO; I also go in the backstreets where people live their ordinary lives.

Photography allows us to show what the world looks like through our eyes. When you look through mine, you won't see only pretty things and nice places.

Whoever doesn't like that should simply not look at my photographs.
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