To mugush: Fruit!

  • The green and red balls you see in the photo are called "Tunas". Nothing whatsoever to do with the fish called tuna. (I was fooled, too at a restaurant...imagine my surprise when instead of fish I got fruit! hahaha) A tuna is fruit from a cactus. They come in all colors: yellow, green, orange (not blue, unfortunately! haha). I haven't had one in a long time so my recollection of their taste might be a bit off. They are very watery. They feel a bit like jelly in your mouth. The taste of fresh water is very strong, with a very slight touch of salt and its own particular taste that I can't exactly describe. They are very unusual fruits. I personally prefer mangoes over them. Have you ever tried a mango? What kind of fruit do they have in Pakistan??
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    hahaha:) intresting story about 'tuna':) that why,when ever i go out side my country i use to take local person with me,it is very helpfull..
    tuna should be watery because it is from cactus family(as you menssioned),as you know cactus stores nothing but salt and lots of water from earth,because of harsh weather conditions in desert.
    you know Pakistan is famouse for its mangos:) personally i like mangos,there are around 100+ types of mangos, like ,' sindhri,anwar rathor,chosa,langra ..and list goes on n on....'
    thanks for your reply