To gebala: tablet ?

  • I looked it up but it seems to me that a graphic tablet is useful for graphics, so no, I don't use that.

    All light management is done within PS, very slightly, funtionally to enhance my target, here with a tiny ineer glow to white and local sharpening to pull you straight to target, I leave original as much as possible intact, showing all what I saw, never add total black or total white, that's more TL editing but like in the good old days of the dark room reholding light or pushing light.

    About sharpening
    please mail me ...
  • sharppness:)
    ok:) thank you :)
  • Re: sharppness:)
    again me:)

    I was thinking about this photo and ur photos and last night I was talking about it with my friend Jaku from TE:)
    he said to me : EASY :)he said that he descovered how u make PP ahahaha:) he was following ur photos and finaly he found recipe:))))))

    pls look at this photo :) it was taken with really standard lends but he made PP and now it looks like after L :)

    be cafeful all TE look at you:D:D:D