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  • I'm a bit concerned about space issues so I may need to lower it to 2/day. Is this ok?
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    I was wondering how long that would take ;-) I can probably handle it, it's not ideal, but at least it'll slow things down a bit...
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    Seems reasonable. It will leave us time to have a meal, take a bath and look at the news once in a while.
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    Adam -

    Seems like it's time to give some serious thought to how you're going to deal with the costs of this site over the long run. This could turn into one very expensive hobby.

    Apparently the ads aren't bringing in much revenue.

    If you can't generate additional income from the site (or manage to win the lottery), I'd rather see the number of participants limited than their amount of participation.

    Turning down the ability to post more than two Workshops cripples the site (to me). If I've got some spare time and could work on half a dozen shots I'm going to have to pick two and not give visual feedback to the other people.

    Think about turning this into a limited membership photography club. Accept new members only when old members drop out (either voluntarily or from x months of non-participation).

    If there are lots of people on the waiting list, think about licensing this software to another 'club'. There's no reason why this site has to host all the photographers in the world.

    I can see a huge advantage in multiple 'clubs'. Keeping numbers small means that we get to know each other and can judge people's work based on their previously demonstrated skills. It is more likely that we will become 'web friends'. Different clubs will allow places for people of different temperaments.

    I can even see a 'Super Site' which just displays the best from each club. Shots to inspire us all.
  • And...
    If you don't like the idea of limiting membership, how about paid membership?

    Set up two categories. Paying members would be able to post multiple shots and multiple Workshops per day. Free memberships would be more limited.

    I do like the idea of limiting the number of people participating more....
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    It's a tough call whichever route is taken. I'm not sure how practical restricting membership and having a waiting list would be. How many months of inactivity before somebody is removed from membership? I think it unlikely that many people would voluntarily leave the site. The active ones obviously want to stay and the others are probably unlikely to think about letting Adam know they are no longer participating. I can see why some people are not keen on restricting the number of workshop entries but Adam needs to find a balance somehow.
    The multiple clubs idea sounds like a good one on the face of it but would also require quite a bit of work to manage I would think.
    There is a danger that the popularity of the site could be its undoing and that would be in nobodies interest. I don't imagine that Adam came up with the suggestion without good reason and a lot of thought. I think we should go with his suggestion and see how it goes.
    How many people thought cutting posts down to 1 per day was a bad idea?


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    Bonjour Adam,

    Please do what is needed for the best... and to keep TE working!
    And I agree with Nina, "it will leave us time to have a meal, take a bath and look at the news once in a while" ;-)))

    Amicalement - Viviane
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    Adam,i am so appreciative for your vision,time and efforts,dedication and think that wharever you need to keep TE alive will be accepted.
    I wil miss the daily posting but understand and support every decision you make.
  • To Rafi...
    No Rafi, you've mis-read (you'll be happy to hear) these are workshop postings, not normal postings, they'll still be one per day.
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    Hi Adam,

    I see absolutly now problems with a limit of 2 WS a day. I was actually wondering how you handled the space required for this site. (You must have some host - or do you have your own Web server.) Another way to limit the space may be to remove old discussions here in the forum. (more then one month old for instance). Another way could be that when you repost a pic the old one could be removed/replaced (mabye you already do that).