To bmckenzie: 2ND filter

  • I was inspired by Galen Rowell (who unfortunately passed away in a plane crash) and is one of my favorite photographers...

    check out

    Basically my 2ND graduated filter was used to "hold back" the sky on this photo as it was at least a few stops brighter than the foreground. Print film has more latitude (to differences of exposure within an image) than slide film... one certainly needs this type of filter when using slide film.

    You can get HARD and GRADUATED neutral density filters. They only affect exposure... not color.
  • Re: To bmckenzie: 2ND filter
    Thanks Dan. Although I'd heard of ND filters I hadn't come across hard + graduated ones. I see you have also use a hard ND to good effect here:

    I can think of a number of shots that might have been saved thru the use of a 2-stop graduated ND. I wonder if it's possible to simulate this effect using a filter in Photoshop: anyone know?