To Ann75: Foggy morning workshop

  • Hello Ann,
    Thanks for the workshop and the tip about the Neat Image program. You have greatly improved the scan.
    I'll certainly give it a try, as I've still got a few thousands of pictures to convert to digital!
    Kind regards and all the best in Canada.
    By the way, I live in Belgium - Rue du CANADA - La Reid near Spa :-).
  • Re: To Ann75: Foggy morning workshop
    Hello Frans,

    Haha, Rue du Canada...that's a coincidence. And I am a Belgian living in Canada.

    I am glad that you didn't mind me doing a work shop on your photo. Mine were sometimes quite noisy as well and one of the members of TE recommended that I would use Neat Image. Boy, that was a big help to clean up that extra dust and noise for lots of my images.

    Take care and all the best!