To Guntram: The "right light"

  • Hello Guntram, and thank you for your complementary note. I have added some more information to the notes for this photo. I hope you find them useful.

  • Re: To Guntram: The "right light"
    Hi Jonathan, thanks for the very detailed information about how you managed the light here. I was just curious, as I have very often failed in shooting a good portrait, and I always avoid using flashlight. I thought, there is some unknown "mystery" here, or just a simple trick how to achieve this while shooting.
    I don't think, that postprocessing a digital image like you have done here, is "cheating". It's what one has to do with analogue negatives in the darkroom as well, isn't it? You have used it here in a very subtle way. I think, it doesn't look overdone at all, by the way - if you wouldn't have mentioned it, I would never have noticed it, and still I don't see any traces of postprocessing here (as in many shots here on TE there are very clear visible signs ...).
    Thanks again, and if the "photoshop-police" might run after you, just call me, I'll protect you!;-))