Equipment Issues

  • I am still shooting film but have been researching my migration to digital for ages now.

    I have two issues I which to discuss with you.

    1. Where should your money go on a digital camera. On the actual body or the lenses. I ask as postprocessing on a computer is so powerful, almost anything is possible, even improving quality from a cheap lens??? I honestly don't know the limitations.

    2. I should upgrade my PC. Should I upgrade and stay with a PC or is there any advantage to using a mac?

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    When I bought my Canon 350D I had the expectation that it would last me the next 5 years, when I bought my lens I have the expectation of it lasting the next 20 years. So I am probably more inclined to put more money into lenses than the body itself.
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    Hi Simone,
    my two cents on your points...
    1- put your money on lenses, definitely... digital bodies are evolving so quickly, if you look at the top cameras available two years ago, like the EOS10D they are now outranged (and BY FAR!!!) by the budget end SLRs like the 350D for half the price they cost.
    As far as it goes you should expect your SLR to last two years, three years at most.
    On the other hand, there's little evolution in optics... except that some brands are trying to market lenses adapted to small size (APS size) digital sensors, Nikon's are called DX, Canon's are called EFS ALTHOUGH theses lenses will not fit on the next digital SLR generation (we already know that by Canon's newest release : the EOS5D). Hence you should invest on the most reliable, but also more xepensive, "Full Frame" lenses.

    2- Just make sure you have at least 512M RAM... 1Gig is better.

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    If you are talking about digital reflex cameras you should definitely invest in good quality lenses!
    If you want to upgrade your PC see to it yhat you have have ample memory (at least 1 Gb, forge about less!).
    A Mac is better if you want to do a lot of PP and graphic design.

    Good luck,

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    Take a look at
    and compare prices, then you can decide wich brand of lenses you prefer that goes along the brand of cameras.

    Lenses don't change their price so much, the rest will follow along the market.
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    <i>1. Where should your money go on a digital camera. On the actual body or the lenses.</i>

    Both. Although software can do a lot, it can't bring back lost information - in other words you can sharpen existing detail, if the detail was never captured you can't re-create it. The more processing you have to do, the more time consuming it is too...

    That said, even low end modern dSLRs are pretty good these days. The only reason for going with a higher model is if you need a higher pixel count (for bigger enlargements), or some other feature that isn't present on the low end. Have a look at (say) the EOS 350D/DigitalRebelXT, download the samples (remember the field of view crop is 1.6x though), and then try the same with an EOS5D and then make up your own mind.

    <i>2. I should upgrade my PC. Should I upgrade and stay with a PC or is there any advantage to using a mac?</i>

    Without knowing the existing spec of your machine, it's hard to say. Personally I wouldn't bother with a Mac unless you fancy a change, Apple did, so there will be all-new Intel based Macs next year ;)
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    Thanks Everyone.

    Your comments are really appreciated, let's see what Santa brings.....
    Ok I'm off to buy some RAM for my PC and a bigger HD and that's part 2 solved. : )

    Happy snapping