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  • Re: 28mm or 35mm

    If using Sigma lenses makes you happy...go for it.

    Just so you know: all third party lenses are reverse engineered (this means that Canon does not license their mount for use by other manufacturers). In a nutshell: the lenses that work on a 350D today may not work on a 400D in the future...the lens mount might be the same, but the chip inside the lens (the one that talks with the camera) might not work with the chip inside the newer camera. Canon lenses, on the other hand, are engineered in a way to work will all EF mount bodies...from the past to the future. Think about getting a nice EX lens and not be able to use it when you change bodies. This is coming from personal experience...I used to have an excellent copy of a Sigma 28-70 f/2.8 that didn't work on my 300D (error 99 message all the time). Since than, plus since the Tokina, I'm only a Canon man. Sure, they're more expensive, but overall better quality. I don't want to miss a shot due to equipment failure.
  • Re: 28mm or 35mm
    Hi, Cesar

    i do get that err99 message once in a while with my new Canon lens (135L), while i never get it from the old 28-105mm or any other. My feeling is that the 300D is like any sophisticated computer chipped material, it can tend to mix up infos and stalls. Will have it in the shop under guarantee before the next trip, in all cases. But the err99 message from 100% Canon equipment has been commented on the FredM forum quite a bit.
  • Re: 28mm or 35mm
    yes, friends, please consider that "I" refer only to my particular case, the firts attempt I did to attach a Sigma lens, I got the error message,

    I never tried since then,

    but anyway, the best way is to try each lens you are interested in,
    Imagine, expending 650 usd and returning home, you find out it does not work,
    Sapukku would be the next step,

  • Re: 28mm or 35mm
    Yes, that Sigma 18-50 is one of the favorite lenses on Nikon forums for example. It seems to be Nygus' one and only lens and he creates miracles with it. I have heard that you can get a bad copy once in a while but that's true of canon too...
  • Re: 28mm or 35mm
    True Francis, the issue is not so much the bad copy, but the focus may vary depending the copy you buy, that's a problem known of sigma lenses, but there isn't a brand out of faults, is there?

    In several foruns that sigma beats the 17-40L from Canon, i also have a professional photographer and friend that is additect to it.

    I think it's a must for the price. you gain in fstops against the 17-40L

  • Re: 28mm or 35mm
    yes Fil, it all depends of the experience also, until know no reason to doubt of it's quality, on the otherwise, i own a crap 18-200 the don't-buy-all-in-one ;) that as recently been considered the best of it's segment. ok ok not a prime, but better than canon's or nikon's...

    But i understand all your points, and i agree with you, if you go expensive you should consider the future.

  • lens addiction
    as time passes, you start to forget about the camera and start thinking about new lenses, don`t you?

    it is like an addiction, and owning a well built brand new lens is something "mystical almost", glass has some kind of magic,

    we are all nuts maybe,

  • Canon f/1.8 50mm ... any ideas?
    So, I want to buy a second lens on top of the 17-40mm f/4. I know the f/1.8 85mm is excellent, but how is the 50mm?
  • Re: Canon f/1.8 50mm ... any ideas?
    I bought recently the 50mm f1/8, i'm loving it! cheap and great.
  • Re: Canon f/1.8 50mm ... any ideas?
    yeah, thats the thing! Its CHEAP! The 85mm is NOT. Im loving the idea of that f/1.8 since my main lens will most likely be the 17-40 and thats an f/4.