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Great coco 2005-10-28 15:52

Hi Kath.
First, "jocasta007" is not right.
At the same time I also would say that this is not the best of this serie.
Well, second one. The serie is nice and interesting, but if in the other photo I said that I thought that the two men were defocused, here I also would say that there are two things that I don't like.

What I don't like? The first is not very important. Here I would prefer black and white and not sepia. Sepia could mean old, but the black and white also means something more. In black and white would remember me... how to say... Would be the kind of photo that I could imagine in a newspaper, or even the kind of photo that I could imagine of the WW II.
After, the other problem, for me, is the man in the middle of the photo.
Anyway, is nice and interesting. Then, I cannot think that "jocasta007" is right.


(I thought in only one point... I had that doubt, one or two?, after read "jocasta007" I've known what I must do).

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Default To coco: points

Hi Carlos
You argue I am wrong, yet you have not had 1 good thing yourself to say about the photo. It's a snap shot at best and not a partculary good one, the reason for this is because the man Kath has focused on has his back to camera, when in fact the main point of focus in this shot should have been the man in the centre, secondly sepia tones are very easy to do and in fact my 8 year old daughter has been doing some great sepia pics for her project at school, prooving that just about anyone can do this simple task. Next is the cloning technique, it is there to be seen, a good clone would be a one where you cannot tell, yet I can tell right away and if you can't then maybe you need your eye's testing, cloning is a painstaking task if you are to do it properley, and you would certainly not leave half a child in if it were not a quick rush job.(check out left shoulder of gentleman in foreground). Finally while you are having a go at me about my critique, just have a read at all the others to see if what i'm saying is right, they all tell her how fantastic it is when only I have spoke truthfully, not to upset her or put her down in anyway, but to try and help her become a better photographer, like many others and myself included that is probably the number 1 reason any of us but our pics up for public critique!!
Regards Dean!!
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Default Re: To coco: points

Hi Dean.

Sorry if you are displeased with my critique. This wasn't what I want.

First, if you read something strange is because I have problems with my english.

Well, in my critique what I say is that there are things that dislikes me. What? The sepia colour and the man in the middle of the photo.
Anyway I still think that has interest things. What? The composition and also the subject as more important elements. And I know that one photo is not only "composition and subject", but is also important.
Why I say it? Because really I had thought in give only one point. And why two finally? Because I've read your critique and I don't think in this one as a just critique.

Why? Because I don't think that could deserve the "face" that you gave. Even would be better a critique without face.
But most important is that I don't think, as you has said, that only the first photo of the serie is interesting. I don't think in the others as perfect photos, but poors?
I respect it, but I cannot think so.

Then, and that's true, I gave two and not one point. Perhaps is not the best reason for make this one.
But I want think that more important than the points is what I've said in the critique. Because if we learn is not for the points, we learn throught the critiques, the meaning of the critiques.

Anyway, if you are displeased, my apologies.

Friendly, Carlos.
Take care.
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