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Great ElSato 2005-10-25 10:19


I like this image a lot. At times this kind of motion "jitter" can work against you and at times for you, and if there was ever a time when it should work in your favour its when you're trying to convey religious ecstasy that's "raw and passionate" as you say, and which is expressed through physical motion. Which is a long-winded way of saying I think it's good for this photo.

It's fortunate that the main subject is dressed in red as it really gives a focal point to the picture.

One very important thing is the line of lights (I think they're lights, though unlit) that runs diagonally through the top left corner. First, it gives the photo a kind of false horizon, which is useful since so much of the background is blocked by the people. Second, it also resembles a line of perspective, which adds a feeling of space and depth to a photo which would otherwise consist mostly of a line of men in the foreground. Both these effects are quite subtle, and for many non-photographers will operate subliminally, but I think they're extremely important in rounding out this image.

Finally, I like the fact that most of the picture uses a very limited range of colour, but with two small elements that stand out for their brillance and/or variety (the bright, multi-coloured drum in the foreground and the set of yellow lights in the background).

All in all a very pleasing photo.

And the note: a cage! Amazing. I'd love to know more about the circumstances surrounding that. I mean, yes, I've heard of women's sections as well, but this is a little beyond. It seems protective, but the symbolism leaves a little to be desired.


P.S. This was going to be the first comment on this photo, but now I've got so long-winded that it probably won't be. Let's hit the "add" button and see...

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Default To ElSato: B I G thank you

hi lee, a huge

T H A N K Y O U !

i really appreciate your comments...these are the sorts of comments i learn a lot from. better than any smiley face. thanks for taking the time to explain exactly why the lights are useful. i looked at them when i had PS open & wondered about taking them out, but decided i liked them, but couldn't pinpoint why...what you say makes perfect sense.

the cage was incredibly surreal...but i certainly felt safer inside it, than i would've done braving it against 2,000 wandering hands!

thanks again!
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