Thanks for the comments

  • I would like to thank everyone for wonderful comments- it has been overwhelming!
    Those cooling towers look more impressive in real life- you can hear muted, but still powerful roar and moving vapor (not a pollution! Itís a water) adds dynamics to the scene.
    I took this picture from across the river, using a guard rail of a road as a stand. It was rather dark, moonless night and red marker lights on the towers were the main source of lighting, giving a reddish tone to the image. I didnít make any significant changes in color, but adjusted levels and saturation. I also removed high tension wires from the middle. They are still visible if you look a little harder, but I didnít want to alter the picture anymore. Then I applied blur to portions of vapor and sky to reduce noise and sharpened where needed.
    Unedited image can be viewed here: <A></A>