To Energysavingelk: Thank you for your nice comment

  • Wow, philosophical comment. Impressed. I think I was very much inspired by TE members particularly those who do artistic works. Had I not come across with this wonderful group of artistic people, I don't think I could have even that sense to notice these elements in ordinary life as you said. Your comment made me realised that ordinary scene can be captured in an artistic way if we stay always sensitive to elements in the ordinary scene we can highlight in a different way from how we can see. To be able to do this, we need to be exposued to hints of ideas like this TE offers us. The life can be seen differently. I like that idea in your comment.

    I have been experimenting photographs on my iphone for last couple of years. I didn't even had an idea of capturing reflection until I saw some of great pictures on TE. It took 10 years to finally post something. Thank you for noticing my pic. Have a nice weekend.