To macjake: Hello Craig ,

  • Hello Craig ,
    I already wanted to answer you for other questions . So I make a here a glogal response

    About the places where I take pictures . Some are just close to the road (ex : Karersee ) , some others , like todays post , are during walks , and sometimes 2 or 3 hours far from any road . May be too long for you But in the Dolomites , you can find splendid places everywhere .
    About a previous question : How I choose my area for the holydays ?
    Looking at pictures ! On Internet , of course (and on TE !) , but when I was a little boy , on post-cards , calendars (I remember very well saying to myself : I will go there) , touristic publications ...
    And Yes , sometimes , I choose my holyday rental because just from it , the view is great , so I can take pictures early in the morning , or before the night , without leaving too many times my family

    Best Regards .

    PS : May be I don't travel like our friends (and you're one of them) from big countries like USA , Canada , Australia . You're not afraid of long distances .
    Personally , we stay in a specific area and visit it extensively .