To willperrett: large panoramas

  • Hello Will,

    First, thanks a lot for your visit. Creating a 38 photos panorama is hard work for my computer, but not for me ! The software works very well (I work with autostitch). You just have to be patient !

    To upload a large version of panorama, it's quite easy : the option appears if (and only if) the photo you're uploading has a 1:2.5 proportion. If not, the option does not appear.
    If it's the case, you upload the "small" version (3000 pixels wide maximum). Then, a screen appears in which you can select "large version" (4000 pixels wide maximum) or something like that.

    To be more precise, in this case, the "large post" did not work and I don't know why (maybe my pic was too loud). I just explained the possibility given by Firefox to show the original format (and I imagine it's the same for other browsers).

    Hope you now can post panoramic views

    Kind regards,

  • Thanks Delphine: it's interesting that you too found that the TE "large post" option didn't work. I made sure my large panorama was within the stated limits, but no luck. I didn't think of the Firefox option: I'll try that next time. Thanks again.