Technical issues

  • I've just returned to TE after a long absence, and things are not working as I remember them to.

    Last night I attempted to upload an image, and despite it matching all of the size and type requirements, it was rejected several times. Today I tried it at a lower resolution and size and was able to upload it, but the note was refused, again several times. It seems from other posts that there are some sitewide issues right now, but I wanted to add my voice to the list.

  • Andrew, please check the existing tech threads before posting new ones. We are dealing with a number of issues this week.
  • I did check the rest of the threads, and did not see anything regarding upload size issues, which is what my initial problem was. I realize you're dealing with a number of issues this week, and wanted to mention a problem I had not seen discussed so that you might be able to add it to the list. I'm not sure a curt reply is necessary.