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Great ACL1978 2014-03-01 7:18

Hello again Bulent - a nice candid closeup of the saleswoman, her hair flying in the breeze.

I really envy you this trip; it certainly seems as though you've managed to visit some of the more difficult places to reach on earth! During our trip to South American in the summer of 2012, my wife and I considered trying to get to Easter Island, but the cost was prohibitive. Glad you've managed to do so.

The Moai themselves are wonderfully mysterious items; while the historian in me would be thrilled to finally know the answers to the questions you posited below, another part of me hopes they're never discovered. Wonder is sometimes hard to come by these days.

Thanks for the shot and the chance to ruminate!


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Default To ACL1978: moai...

Andrew, on PBS a couple of weeks ago they had a documentary on the creation and transportation of the moai. An archaeologist and former Governor from Chile, who was actually a native of the island followed through on a hunch that the statues "walked" into place. Carving the statues at the quarry on the island, the workers tipped the statues into upright positions, then rocked them back and forth in standing position. It took three groups with ropes working in unison. The demonstration of the actual process was compelling, an absolutely fascinating account.
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