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Great rigoletto 2014-02-21 17:07

hi craig.

your words can be debated over an hour, as the TE motto of "learning about the world through photography" is open to many readings. i mean, it can have countless meanings according to what "learning about" means to someone, what "the world" means to someone and what "through photography" means to someone.

"learning" is an in depth activity, which i do prefer using some other extensive sources rather than TE. ok, a good photo and a note can "trigger" that urge to learn about something/somewhere new, but that's it. then i go for a web/book search to do the major reading. that means, i don't take TE seriously as a learning place. it is actually a source of "inspiration", a place where i "start" to learn about somethings which are new to me.

coming to what "the world" means... it is the most difficult one to explain. here, i need to refer to gert's words, as he says you may learn from architectural abstracts, or old cars photos etc, but don't learn from pets, flowers, families or empty streets. i object to that, because, with an appropriate photographer's note, a pet, a flower, a family or an empty street photo, and where they take you during your learning process, can even change your life. true, someone into catalan architecture could definitely use juan's gallery as an endless source of inspiration or someone into exotic places can do the same thing in gert's gallery. these are all subjective. for me, "the world" is the part of the world that i am interested in. i simply do not care about photos with subjects that do not interest me, or photos that give me that "again???" feeling (here, creativity makes difference, at least putting down that "again" feeling)

what "photography" means is another story, starting from the basic question of whether you percieve it as a means of expression of one's artistic inner or merely a reckless snapshot without any personal touch. you can present a single subject in one million different ways, only a small amount of these presentations can make people say "wow".

having said all these, i also need to add that, TE TOS have been too strict so far, or as strict as the minds of moderators and how subjectively they percieve the famous TE motto. all in all, TE is not and have never been an encyclopedia with illustriously scientific photos and objective knowledge attached to it. there are definitely some other better sources for that. the problem is, the TOS rules almost pretend to be so. were it be a bit friendlier place, we'd be much more crowded here today. and "friendlier" doesn't mean turning TE into a treklens or facebook page.

oh yes, cool abstract photo with reflections on glass :)


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Default To rigoletto: reply

Hi Deniz
i have to say i really appreciate your long critique, you put alot of time and effort into that!

Getting prepared to Istanbul!!! Trying to find the best location for a hotel or hotel. I was so shocked to see the prices! Yikes!! Its about $200 a night for a half decent hotel. I think we're going to book a hostel for $45 a night instead.

Do you have any suggestions for areas of Istanbul? Or at least areas to stay AWAY from?
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