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Great macjake 2014-02-15 11:30

Hi Gert
I have so many questions and comments to make here!

First of all...what is it truly truly like to visit a country such as Afghanistan? part of me think the American government has us all brainwashed into thinking its some terribly dangerous place to be, filled with terrists and car bombs going off all the time...

There must be some middle yes?
I'm sure its not as bad as the US media and government makes it out to'd think THOSE people and areas are just specific pockets, not the whole country...if you know what i mean.

its a place that i'd actually be very interested in seeing, especially the countrysides and smaller towns outside the larger cities.

for sure it's one of those countries where there are FAR more questions than least for me've been there :)

another fine time-piece photo from almost 40 years ago!

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holmertz holmertz is online now
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Default To macjake: dangerous

Thanks Craig, but 1972 is more than 40 years ago .

I can tell you that Afghanistan before the wars, starting in 1979, and Afghanistan today is like two different worlds. In those days it was a little bit risky but generally fairly safe. Tourists did get robbed, a few "disappeared" and were never found, but generally it wasn't much worse than a lot of other countries. There were no places or areas that had to be specifically avoided.

Today there are pockets of relatively safe and stable areas - provided you're an Afghan, speak the language and blend with the crowds. If you're a foreigner you hide in a car with a local driver and don't go anywhere alone if you can avoid it. I guess it would be very theoretically possible to travel around the country like I did more than 40 years ago, but it would be very very very dangerous and you may not survive.

Take care,

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macjake macjake is offline
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Default travel plans

Hey Gert
well, thanks for the info.
lets book a flight immediately! Dont forget your largest and most expensive camera and always wear shorts and a t-shirt!
It'll be a wonderful time!
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