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Great delpeoples 2013-12-17 12:27

Caro Giovanni

This is such a beautiful photo. The landscape seems to wild and untouched. The curve of the road leads the eye into and around the frame very cleverly. The textures are excellent, as are the contrasts and colours. Wow look at that black ice on the road, I wouldn't have dared been out in those conditions. I know that you're fine-tuning your post processing skills here with the Layers and all, and I confess I couldn't do a job anywhere near as cleverly as you've done here in darkening the sky. There does however seem to be a noticeable line where you've selectively darkened the sky. Unfortunately, I don't know how to get it any more realistic myself, having messed around with feathering and shadows in my own photos and other's. But this is nitpicking and only discernible on really close inspection to those suffering OCD. All round, a stunning photo.

Un abbraccio

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Default To delpeoples: Inexpert processing.........

Ciao cara Lisa,

Thank you for your kind and helpful remarks!

Of course, your keen eye has indeed picked up the fact that I played around with this one - and not very expertly either! And, of course, there is a definite give-away (or several of them) from which you can tell that I did darken the sky quite a bit. In retrospect, I think I should have done that in stages, just a little bit at a time rather than go "the whole hog" and darken it in just one go. So, practice, practice, I guess.

What interested me a lot at one of the recent workshops at the camera club was a discussion/talk which our mentor gave about things like darkening skies or lightening other bits of a picture and so on. She made the point that nowadays we seem obsessed with selecting bits like sky, faces and so on very accurately before doing any lightening or darkening. She feels that is not necessary and pointed out the fact that in days of old in darkrooms, people would "burn and dodge" in a very rough and empirical way by waving their hands or a rough mask between the enlarger and the printing paper. And, if the pictures of people like Ansel Adams and others are anything to go by, their results were pretty damn impressive. Her idea is that most adjustments and selections can be done by using a brush in Photoshop - and a big, soft, fluffy-edged brush too - rather than trying to do very accurate pixel-by-pixel selections.

So, yes, Lisa, I must try harder. Thanks again for your kind comments and please do have a wonderful Christmas when it comes!

Un abbraccio,

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Old 12-18-2013, 01:59 PM
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Smile Naughty Lisa

Aw jeez I feel like a nit-picking beatch! But secretly I was hoping you (or maybe Will) could come with an answer as to how to sort that problem in Layers as it's been the bane of my existence as a lover of seascapes. I remember asking André Inasiajones and he said he never used grad filters (my go-to toy) and would just expose for the sky then expose for the sea and merge the 2. How he manages to do it so naturally and seamlessly, boggles my mind.

So please, I didn't mean to pick on you or tear your beautiful photo to pieces. It's one I'd be proud of. But I think you've now reached that level where you want to do better (and maybe me too) where I want people to tell me what's wrong with my photo and (hopefully) how to fix it. So my critique only fills half the brief, sorry.

Big hugs to you, and a Happy Christmas to you and your loved ones. Hopefully we can do Skype over the Christmas break. My mum was just talking about you tonight - she's still enjoying her lovely pressie from you!

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Old 01-03-2014, 08:39 PM
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Default Sky

Did I hear my name mentioned?? In answer to Lisa's question, try selecting the sky (magic wand, lots of hits, then go Select>Similar to make sure you've got it all), feather a tiny amount (like 1 pixel), copy/paste, and then do your fiddling. In all probability, you'll be able to see the join. So apply a layer mask (mask icon at the bottom of the layers palette) and either apply a smooth gradient using the gradient tool or brush black (try using low flow-rate and the airbrush for subtlety). It usually works.
Love and peace.
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