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Old 06-23-2013, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by IBcash View Post
The new size limit is 6.9 MB. The maximum length (in width or height) is 3500px.
On my uploading page, it says 1500 pix max. Which seems to be quite a difference already with the former 800 pix max.
However, I notice that on Beta Trekearth, you have to scroll your cursor to see the full, large version.
And on Trekearth, the photo appears to be just as small as before. I suppose it's the quality that has been preserved ? ?
So I notice a few people have tried the new size once and have gone back to the old size, e.g. Rigoletto, Tyro, olive224, Pierrefonds...
Emka is persevering with the large version. Very beautiful, but her 800 pix were too.
Only when I upload the photo (Larger version) onto my computer, can I definitely see the difference. Not that I want to steal any photos. I was just making an experiment. But it certainly makes it easier for potential robbers.
I would be interested to hear other opinions.

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Old 06-24-2013, 08:18 AM
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Question No announcement on the forum

Hi TE Management
Please tell us what are the real size for posting a picture ?
1500 pixels 6.9 MB
There is a bug in the application
Best regards

Je n'ai pas compris chère Marie Louise Au sujet de ces limites de 6.9 MB

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Old 06-24-2013, 09:44 AM
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Default New size : Le flou-Not very clear.

Bonjour Didi,
En effet, il n'y a eu aucune annonce officielle concernant le changement des tailles de photos. Moi, je l'ai appris par hasard il y a environ une semaine, alors qu'ils parlaient de bugs dans les forums à ce sujet.
Je me demande s'ils attendent avant d'officialiser les choses, que tous les problèmes soient résolus !
Alors, 3500 pix max, ou 1500 pix max ? Je pense que 1500 pix max, c'est déjà pas mal comme différence.
Cependant, je ne vois pas la différence sur Trekearth.
Sur beta trekearth, les photos de 1500pix sont en effet bien plus grandes, mais on ne peut pas voir toute la photo en même temps. Il faut la faire glisser , mais on n'a pas une vue d'ensemble.
Donc, comme je le disais plus haut, plusieurs personnes après un essai sont revenues au 800 pix.
De toutes façons, là où on voit la différence, c'est lorsqu'on enregistre la photo.
Pour poster une grande photo, il ne faut pas avoir peur des vols !

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Old 06-24-2013, 06:09 PM
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The image is always resized to fit into the small presentation window. It just allows a huge upload now. We are still exploring how to make the most of this upgrade so this capability might still be improved (as the software allows).
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Old 06-26-2013, 02:40 AM
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I took advantage of the increased size today. It worked fine for the main upload but the upload to the workshop was cropped, although the thumbnail shows the complete picture.

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