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Great tyro 2013-02-17 13:30

Hi Bev,

It's good to see you back! And I'm sure that after Easter we shall see much more of you here too - except that I can assure you that once you retire you'll still not have enough time to do all things you want to do!

An interesting black and white shot which works well with strong contrasts and the composition is excellent, the curve of the road leading the eye well into the picture and with the lone tree perfectly placed. And, despite the sunny weather, some snow still clings to the upper parts of the distant hill.

But, oops, you must have made a wee mistake with your co-ordinates here - your map shows a point in the Indian Ocean just north of the Seychelles. It's very easy to make a mistake in copying down and uploading co-ordinates. I find that the easiest thing to do is to find the place on Google Earth then hover your mouse pointer over it and write down the co-ordinates which appear at the bottom of the screen. But what you must do first is to set Google Earth so that is reads in decimal degrees and not degrees, minutes and seconds - just go into "Tools" then "Options" and, on the left side of that box you will see "Show Lat/Long" - then click the top button which says "Decimal Degrees" and then click "Apply".

By my reckoning, the centre of Langolm lies at 55.151465, -3.001770 if that's any help!

Kind Regards,


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Default To tyro: Google Earth

Thanks John,
will look again this evening but off to work now. Your co-ordinates look similar to those I otted down but I knew there was a trick I was missing. So I will do what you say re tools.
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