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Old 12-05-2012, 06:37 AM
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Default To joso: Re:sharpness

Hi Janos,
At first I must say that I'm completely happy with my d7000/18-200 set,but sometimes I push its capabilities too far:
In this case,what you see is a strong crop of a picture taken from 200m distance at the top of a 100m high windy I can assure you the original capture was really fine despite the rough shot conditions!Even with the VR on,I was not too steady...
Best regards,
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Old 12-05-2012, 06:08 PM
joso joso is offline
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Default understand

Hi Fred,
ok, understand, in that conditions, is realy hard.
I'm playing around with D7000 since a week, satisfied, except the kind of problem with sharpness, but I'll find out... I'll try the manual focusing, will change the measuring fields number, and so on
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Old 12-06-2012, 11:02 AM
maxifred maxifred is offline
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Default Focus

OK then the situation is not that desperate...
You've also got the "fine focus tuning" option in the D7000 focus menu,you can use to tune and memorize the settings for up to 15 AF lenses (as long as they feature the AF processor...18-200 does).
Another point to mention is that the gyroscope of VR takes about 2 seconds to really work after you've half-pressed the snap button.So you should not "aim and shoot" too fast in action situation...
Put the lens close to your ear then play with the snap button a few times,you will ear the gyro start and stop working.
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