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Great tyro 2012-11-08 2:03

Hello Arun,

You have given us a very interesting and also a very worrying note about child labour worldwide but, more specifically, in India. And a lovely photograph to illustrate it.

Perhaps his appearance belies his underlying character, but this young lad looks just so innocent as he slaves away polishing someone's shoe with only the oldest and most basic of tools which he obviously carries around over his shoulder in an old but colourful box.

You have caught a lovely doleful look in his eyes as he looks upwards at you and the composition is excellent.

But I've done a very quick workshop for you - see what you think. I hope you don't mind my playing around with this fine picture but I thought that the stuff at the very top of the picture distracted a little from the boy himself, so I've cropped and cloned that out. Then I increased the contrast just a little to add a little "punch". And I selected his eyes to try to brighten the lovely "catchlights" in his eyes which you have caught so well. I did the same with his hair to try to brighten the reflection on that too. And, because I'd cropped the picture a little, I added a simple frame to "use up" the extra pixels.

See what you think!

But a fine picture and, together with your note, a fine comment on life in India.


Kind Regards,


Old 11-08-2012, 09:14 PM
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Default To tyro: Hi

Hi John, I am pleased that you were able to show me how to enhance the photo. I am always willing to learn !!

Have a good day

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