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Great tyro 2012-05-10 13:43

Hi Craig,

First of all, thank you for your "y", especially for me! But I think I could have worked that one out this time - definitely in the workshop picture anyway!

Secondly, congratulations on your new lens. I was just having a look at my favourite review site for lenses and the one you got is apparently a real cracker - see here.

Still on the subject of equipment, I couldn't help being a bit nosey and looking at your discussion with Lisa - what filters did you get? Were they Lee or Hi-Tech or Cokin or what? And that did you get - ND Grads?

Anyway, to your photograph. Quite interesting that this, your first picture here with your new toy, was only taken at 80mm - right near the short end of that lens. The composition is lovely and I think the long vertical green line up the left side is a very strong compositional element. The other strong compositional element - probably seen better in your workshop picture - is how the shape of this architectural feature is mirrored in the tripods of the photographers, almost as though those people are imitating the sculpture!

Another case in which your subtle use of HDR has produced a very fine effect. Lovely colours, perfect exposure, subtle HDR and stunning sharpness.

Now to your workshop picture. In many ways, I think I might actually prefer it, funnily enough. The HDR is not quite so subtle as we are used to seeing with you (it is indeed more "painterly") but I think I prefer the composition as the photographers and their tripods are just seen a little more clearly.


Kind Regards,


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Default To tyro: Lens

Hi John
yeah, i've been saving up for that lens for a long time now. wanted to make sure i got it before i leave for Poland and Czech Rep. in July/Aug.
its a heavy bugger, but i'm used to carrying around lens' and tripods, i'll suffer a bit, but i'm happy in the end

as for the filters, i got the Cokin ND glass sheets, you know the one's i'm talking about? havn't tried them out yet - they're more so for my girlfriend Tosca - she's into landscapes, oceans, beaches, waterfalls - where the filters are more useful.

as for the WS photo....i actually enjoy that one More than the posted photo too! but at the time i didn't have it in the smooth dhr, only the painterly.
I'll get to it, and i'll make a regular photo of it aswell, without the HDR.

your comments are always appreciated!
thanks again
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Old 05-11-2012, 11:30 AM
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Default Cokin Filters.........

Hi Craig,

That sounds like a lovely lens - certainly that review which I read said that it was a real cracker. The problem, of course, is that to take good pictures requires hard work - nothing that's really worthwhile is easy in this life. So, unless you get yourself a little shirt-pocket compact camera, you'll just have to stick with carting all that stuff around. Trouble is, of course, that there's weight limitations for hand luggage - that can be quite a problem as 5Kg isn't really very much when it comes to a pile of lenses.

I've been wondering about getting some ND Grad filters. I've got some of the Cokin "P" ones but they're a bit small (83mm) and very easily cause vignetting and I was thinking of maybe getting some of the bigger (100mm) ones - I think they're the "Z" ones. Some people, like Lisa, reckon that the Cokins can cause a bit of purplish colour cast and she and others also think that the Lee filters are best but they're bloody expensive as well as being virtually unobtainable just now. Hi-Tech are another option.

That will be nice to meet Malgo in Poland - she's good fun. Are you meeting Romana in the Czech Republic? I'm just a little concerned about Romana because she's not been very active on TE recently. She bought a new Sony DSLR to replace her old one which broke and I got the impression from what she was saying that she wasn't all that pleased with the new one.

Kind Regards,

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