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Great tyro 2012-05-04 2:05

Hi Martin,

I often think just how curious it is that, once you've been on this site for a time, you can very easily recognise each photographer's work just by looking at the thumbnails and without looking at the "bigger picture" or reading the contributor's name.

So it is with this one - I knew it was one of yours straight away. The simple straightforwardness of composition, the very natural colours, not overly saturated or vivid, the subtle contrasts and the lovely soft subdued lighting - all hallmarks of your work. And, of course, once we do see the "bigger picture", we are impressed by the stunning technical quality and the exquisite sharpness.

This is a lovely "straightforward" composition in which the presence of the soaring bird, perhaps a symbol of "freedom", is placed perfectly in the frame and balances the natural slight unbalance of the monument. The lighting on the building is beautifully soft and subtle and lets it stand out beautifully against the very Scottish distant hills and the sky.


Kind Regards,


P.S. Thank you for an interesting note too. Did you go inside and climb up the monument? I seem to remember it's moderately interesting, with different exhibits on each of the three or four floors, and the view from the top is wonderful on a clear day.

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Default To tyro: up top ?


No, this time I did not rise to the occasion ! Childrens' short attention span and unreasonable cost make bad bedfellows, not to mention the overcast weather for photography of views. The blurb did not make compelling reading, so I did not look beyond the lobby.

I haven't quite worked out if "straightforward" composition is a good thing or not yet ? I can see merits in both sides of that debate ! Either way, I find it interesting that you recognise such attributes in my work, I had not realised from this side of the shutter that I even had a style ! So thanks for that !

Your eagle eyed observation may not have noticed, leastways you did not mention, there is a second bird, ( I like to think of it as a raven, but I don't know ) up between the spires on the tower. Only the most perceptive will have seen it, so I feel I must include you in that circle !


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