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Great delpeoples 2012-05-04 16:43

Gidday dear Giovanni

Love this, and I'm sure Martin will too. This is a superbly TE photo, one where the beautifully written Note is perhaps more interesting than the photo itseld. But the photo illustrates perfetly the point your making and the impressive research you've made. What a fascinating man this Cochrane was. Talk about living life to your full potential. And how poorly he was treated by those fatcats once in power. I am though, quite delighted that Scotland has not been commandeered by the Yanks and turned into a giant McDonalds.

Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful weekend

PS: I've got my mamma staying over this weekend who is a Scotsophile - of course - and is enjoying your beautiful Gallery and notes. She wanted me to ask you if you read Scots Magazine (I think you can get it online too). It's fascinating and such a great guide to finding out those lesser known places in your beautiful country

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Default To delpeoples: Scots Magazine....

Ciao Lisa,

Thank you for your kind remarks about this one.

Of course, it's a pretty crap photo but I just had to shoot it because I had no idea about why this queer flag was flying. And, being both inquisitive and very anally retentive (if I ever come to see you, don't let me sit down or I'll suck up your sofa), I just had to do a bit of research and find out the reason.

Old Cochrane sounds like a pretty wild fellow but he obviously got his own back on the w***kers in government at the time. Brilliant! He also appeared to be a "man of many parts" too, being naval officer (eventually admiral), patriot, politician, humanitarian and engineer as well. Some guy!!

Ah, so you're having a nice weekend with your Mum - that's lovely. Be nice to her: remember that you can get new boyfriends, husbands, gigolos, etc., but you'll never get another Mum. Of course (if I'm not mistaken), your Mum has Scottish ancestry. I, however, am an impostor: of course, my Mum was Scottish (from near Perth) but my Dad was from Merseyside in England, so I'm really a half-breed. Nothing wrong with being a mongrel though - they tell me they're usually better natured.

I can confirm that the Scots Magazine is still alive and well after over 250 years and is still published by Messrs. D.C. Thompsons of Dundee who still churn out the "Beano", the "Dandy", the "Sunday Post", the "Peoples' Friend" and other similarly exciting and gripping stuff. I've not bought it for a few months: it's a bit parochial but it can make quite interesting reading though I must confess that with a computer and a bit of judicious sniffing, you can usually find out almost as much as the magazine can tell you - which probably explains why the magazine no longer has quite the circulation it used to enjoy. In fact, the fellow I went off to Greenland with 42 years ago, Dr. Iain Smart, was a regular contributor to that magazine as also was his great friend, Tom Weir, brother of Molly Weir, the lady who used to advertise "Flash" floor cleaning fluid on the telly before she died. Iain and Tom were both very accomplished hill walkers, mountaineers and naturalists and had been friends for many years.

And, no, I have still not forgotten about Stontian! I must bite the bullet and head off there sometime soon and try to get some "snaps" of that bridge for you - am I remembering correctly that the person who built that was your great-grandfather on your mother's side - i.e. your Mum's grandfather? What a great claim to fame - to have lived and worked in such a small place where a completely new chemical element had been discovered! I've looked and looked at it on Google Earth but I can't really see a great way to shoot it - there's a sort of carpark on the south side but I don't see any place where you could get a really spectacular viewpoint. Perhaps, as always, the thing to do is to go and "case out" the joint and have a good look and assess it.

Just a thought. I was just wondering if, by way of recompense for those discs you so kindly sent me (and which, I must confess, I have yet to upload onto a non-internet-connected computer), if you were to send me your Mum's address, I could send her a subscription for the "Scots Magazine". Would she enjoy that?

Un abbraccio,


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Smile OCD etc

Ciao Giovanni

Hehehehe well, if you were my surgeon, I'd want you to be anally retentive...probably not so much emphasis on the former word, depending on the site that needed the operation, but you get what I'm trying to say

Yeah Mum and I are having a ball. Usually my Dad will come over and stay a week, but Mum said it's her turn. The weather's not great today and we're stuck in front of the telly eating junk food and watching history documentaries. This has been going on since 7pm Friday night. If I see another Time Team, I think I'll scream. Actually we were talking about you as we were watching the episode about Loch Migdale in the Highlands.

My Mum buys the Scots Magazine, although they charge alot here because it's an import. So the subscription would be wonderful, thank you so very much! She'll think all her Christmases had come at once. Do you mean her email address or postal address? She doesn't have an email but I can create one for her if that's what you mean.

Thanks for those links to your friends who write for the magazine, they sound like really interesting people. Mum and I will be cyber-stalking them later on today

You're right, Mum's the one with the Scottish heritage (through her mum) and she loves all things Scottish, as do I. Yes, I thought I'd read somewhere you were half Pom. And as a mongrel myself, there nothing wrong with being one I always used to laugh at Dad, when I did something good used to call me "a good little Italian girl" in Italian. And when I was naughty he'd call me a "Convict Anglo-Saxon".

Unfortunately I've just had a clean-out and put most of my family history paperwork into storage. I've been looking at what poor records I have at home and the blokes who built the Strontian Bridge were called Donald Cameron (my maternal great-great-great-great grandpa) and Duncan MacPherson ("Duncan of the Road" - what a nickname) who was my g-g-g-g-g grandpa. Another of their relatives was Dungannon who carried the Cameron banner into Culloden against the English, getting cleaned up quite early in that sorry episode. When Donald came out to Australia he brought 15of his 19 kids with him, some went back to Scotland and some remained here. I was interested to read from the ship's log that Scots Gaelic was his first language, even though this was only 150 years ago. There are still bridges and roads existing here in northern New South Wales which were built by him and his children.

Oh no pressure on the Strontian visit. The landscape surrounding it looks pretty wild and woolly, so might be worth a visit anyway. Have you seen my Theme on Ardnamurchan? which might show you some good places to see when there. There's also a good website at and for Acharacle (closer to the bridge I think):

Back to the telly and junk food

Bella serata, un abbraccio
Lisa & Roz
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Ciao Giovanni and Lisuccia,

I love reading your discussions! And I am thinking how fantastic it would be to meet you both somwehere. I hope it will be possible one day.
Biiiig hugs

Signora IF
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