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Great happypoppeye 2012-02-24 19:23

I gotta say Steve ...I kinda like the original version better. ...I'm flipping back and forth between the two now, and yeah, I like the off color, not to sharp, less contrasty and washed out color original ...maybe it is because this one almost looks like it was "touched up" too much ...the original has character. Just my opinion though.

OK, enough of the technical crap. Nice shot ...I love Varanasi. It's different. Different from the rest of the world, the rest of India, and almost timeless ...ahhh, timeless, maybe thats what the original gives the viewer a peak into could have been taken yesterday, or last decade, or last century ...either way, nice shot.

...and guesthouse? ...screw that. By the time I made it to Varanasi I was heading to nowhere but the Radisson ...I had had it with India at that point. Hahaha ...more points to ya.

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Default To happypoppeye: ta

Hi John, Thanks for your thoughts - always good to receive comments that are more than just "great picture". cheers, Steve
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Old 02-25-2012, 05:50 AM
happypoppeye happypoppeye is offline
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Default Hey Steve

Glad you didn't take that wrong ...just my opinion. I do like the original version better, but I do realize that it is ALL opinion. Either way, great shot. It reminded me of my my time in Varanasi and, in the end, that really counts for a lot.

I'll probably continue to "kill" your photos and leave rag tag comments, but honestly, I only do that to photographers that are good never take offense. If you don't like a comment, let me know ...all in fun and learning. If you wanna put a bad comment on one of my many, many bad photos - feel free. Tell the truth, live and learn, thats what we're here for right. ...and never, ever give me points you don't want too, and don't worry about it - it will and does not effect my points or comments on your photos ...seriously. I hate that sh*t.

Keep on posting,
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